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blogContentThis has been an interesting week!  After our first successful canning run, our cans are all over North Texas.  We hope that you were able to get a six pack (or 4 pack) before the sleet came in.  We are already running out of our cans and are ready for another run next week.  We also found out we won a silver medal this week at the New York International Beer Competition.  We are also brewing a new beer!  We will be celebrating tonight during Trivia Night and on Saturday during our Brewery Tour from 12-5. We canned 30,000 beers and didn’t drink them all before they could be delivered.  The first beer to come off the line was the Coconut Ale.  Of course we had to try it.  Quality control is a vital step in any type of production.  It was good!  It is awesome to drink a beer with a 360 degree lid.  The experience (Budweiser will love this sentence) is so much better when you can actually see the beer and smell it. blogContent2We also canned the Roo’s Red Ale, Sasquatch Imperial Milk Stout, and 903 Blonde.  Soon, we will be canning The Land of Milk and Hoaney Stout.

The New York International Beer Competition was held February 8, 2015.  We just received the results that we won a silver medal for our Sasquatch Imperial Milk Stout in the American Style Imperial Stout category.  This is our first award for the brewery and we are so happy that it is for Sasquatch.  We love this beer, we know our customers love this beer, and the judges now know that we know we know they know. The judges for this competition are trade only judges.

The new beer will be called Trot Line Saison.  The name comes from fond memories Adam had fishing with his grandfather.  Beer would make fishing much more fun.  The beer will have a higher alcohol content than session saisons and will be a little more tart.  Trot Line Saison will make its debut during the Big Texas Beer Fest. As always, we have Trivia Night every Thursday.  We open at 5:30 and trivia stars at 6:30.  We will have the brewery nice and warm!  On Saturday, we are open for the Brewery Tour from 12-5.  Tours will happen every hour with either Jeremy or Adam.  Come ready to relax and don’t forget to try Sasquatch.  We will be ready to show it off!  Also, one of our regular doggies will be celebrating a birthday.  Bring your pet and celebrate with a treat or two.

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