In the Year 2014


What a year! We have come so far this year and had a ton of fun doing it. Everything that has happened was only possible through the great support we have had from our community and our customers. The new employees are doing a great job and love being at the brewery (so they say). We started bottling this summer and our beer is available all over North Texas to enjoy at home! New beers were created and you guys drank a lot of it! We still have our Trivia Nights every Thursday and Brewery Tours every Saturday. Thankfully, none of this is going to change next year except there will be more beer!

Our community of Sherman, Texas is a great place to live! Our downtown area is really growing and has some great new businesses. New restaurants are coming and we are so happy that these changes are happening so close to us. The city gave us a grant that enabled us to buy new tanks that will increase our production. It is really amazing to have so much support from our customers too. So many of you are happy to volunteer when we need it and of course you are buying plenty of beer. We love getting to know you guys that are regulars. Regulars become official when we know your work schedule, your kids names, the reasons you hate your boss, or your deepest darkest secrets that not even your spouse knows. During Saturday Brewery Tours we will get folks in from the metroplex that are looking to relax and get out of the city. We love hearing what other breweries and festivals you’ve been to.

Once we started bottling this past August things really got interesting. Due to a broken labeler, our first month of bottles were all labeled by hand. There is nothing like hand labeling thousands of beer bottles during a Texas summer! Coconut Ale never tasted better. There’s also no better way to get to know your coworkers than spending twelve hours a day filling beer bottles. What freaks! Truly, we have a great team. The boys all have beards and the girls don’t. There isn’t much else we could ask for.

In January last year, Jeremy made the Sasquatch Chocolate Milk Stout. He intended it to be a seasonal, but everyone loved it so much it is brewed all year. We will be celebrating Sasquatch’s 1st Birthday next month. We will announce plans for that party soon! The other new beer this year was The Land of Milk and Honey Stout. This is an easy drinking beer made with local honey that fits a wide range of tastes. It is a light stout, but certainly isn’t a light beer.

The best part of our week is Thursday Trivia Night and the Saturday Brewery Tours. This is a great time to relax and drink beer and hang out with our customers. This week trivia will be on Tuesday night because of the holiday. As always, the winning team for the night gets to share a case of beer. The tour this Saturday will be the first one of the year. We’d love you to start your new year with us!

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