Sasquatch is Turning One and Cans


We hope everyone is having a great start to the year! We are very busy brewing new beers, getting ready to can, and hosting our Brewery Tours and Trivia Nights. A new beer that we just put on tap is the Coffee Pecan Porter. We took one of our favorites and added cold brewed coffee. You can smell the coffee aroma when it is coming out of the tap! Is it OK to drink beer at 8 AM if it has coffee in it? We are also getting ready for the birthday party at the end of the month. In February we are going to have a special Valentine’s Day Brewery Tour that will feature Girl Scout Cookies. This Saturday you can come to Sherman for our tour from 12-4. We will definitely be sitting outside in the sunshine!

We can’t wait to have our beer in cans. The process of designing labels was totally different (more difficult) than designing them for bottles. We love the finished product and can’t wait for the cans to get here so we can start canning. The beers that will be in cans are Sasquatch, Chosen One, Roo’s Red, and 903 Blonde. The beer will be in “360” cans. This means the entire top will come off and leave a smooth lip so you can safely drink straight out of the can. This allows the drinker (that’s you) to enjoy the aroma of the beer, just like drinking out of a pint glass. Cans shield the beer from light and extend the freshness of the beer. Our cans are coated with aluminum to prevent a metallic taste. And, most important, portability! What better place to enjoy a Chosen One than at the lake?

Sasquatch’s One Year Birthday is at the end of this month and so is Jeremy’s. We will celebrate them both on Saturday, January 31. We will have cake, party games, and new beers! Our Roo’s Red will be back on tap and Adam is making a Mocha Latte Sasquatch and a Raspberry Vanilla Coffee Sasquatch. The Mocha Latte Sasquatch will be made with cocoa nibs soaked in vodka. This will produce a pronounced fudgy flavor. In the Raspberry Vanilla Coffee he used fresh raspberries and whole vanilla beans. Adam will also present deconstructed versions of these. There will be a Raspberry Sasquatch, a Vanilla Sasquatch and a Coffee Sasquatch. And, of course, the original Sasquatch will be on tap. These will be available by the pint, or try them all in a flight. Check out the details on Facebook.

This Saturday we are ready for some sunshine and will be open from 12-4. It is going to be a beautiful day and we would love to visit with you. We welcome your furry friends and children. Bring and snack and be ready to relax! Roos Red will be back and the Coffee Porter is still on tap.

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